What is Roader?

Where can I use Roader?

How is Roader different from TaxiMonger?

Is Roader safe?

How do I get the Roader App?

Having problems with the App?

Can we make bookings through roader’s website?

Is Roader available for Windows and Blackberry?

How do I create a Roader account?

Why do I need to submit my phone number to register?

I’d like to update name, email and phone number. How do I do this?

I’m not receiving emails from Roader

If I cancel my bookings, will I be charged for cancellation fee?

All the details I have entered is it under PDPA?

If I change my phone, do i have to register new account for my new phone?

How much does Roader cost?

If Roader charges nothing, why is there a RM2 booking fee?

How do I pay for my ride?

How many types of taxis do you have?

What is Promo Code?

What is Referral ID?

I used Roader to book my ride and left an item in the taxi. What should I do?