The Roader Story

After 4 wonderful (and challenging) years in business, we are pleased to announce that TaxiMonger is embarking on a new journey. We now have a new look, a new feel and brand spanking new services.

Our new brand isn’t just aesthetic. It is a reflection of our growth from being a full-fledged taxi app to a multiple utility app that offers services such as transportation, delivery and on-demand. With this, we hope to provide you with multiple options that will enhance the convenience of your day-to-day needs.

We’ve started off with the beta version of transportation services, namely metered taxi service which will only be available in some parts of Kuala Lumpur first, after which we will expand to other areas in Klang Valley. Watch this space as we will be launching other services over the following months.

What We Do

Roader Cab:  Book a budget taxi or TEKS1M taxi with just a few taps. This service is available now.

Roader Car:  Ride in comfort in a private car and pay a fixed fare that is agreed upfront. No cash needed, and your card will be automatically charged when you arrive at your destination. (Coming Soon)

Roader Bike: Use Roader Bike to send documents, small parcels and non-fragile items... within the same day!(Coming Soon)

Roader Cab: Need to send bigger and fragile items with Roader? Roader Cab is here to assist you with your delivery

Roader Lorry: Moving houses, office or sending really big stuff? Use Roader Lorry to ease your worries of moving and sending large items(Coming Soon)